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Our Space Our Future – Inclusive STEM Education

Teacher CPD event including Science Capital, Thinking, Doing, Talking Science and IR demos for school science. In this video, Explorer Dome brings together expert educators and researchers to discuss how to bridge the gap between a student's interest in space and science subjects to a belief that a career in these industies is an achevable and worthwhile goal. And how to promote these subjects in an inclusive way.

What is Science Capital? Teacher CPD

Our project impact advisor Jen DeWitt gives teachers an overview of research into the concept of science capital. The 13-minute video gives tips on how it can be applied in the classroom and across the school community.

Expanding Horizons – Educators who share

Inspired teachers inspire students! Our Space Our Future wants to share the endless possibilities that a career in the space sector can offer. To inspire the next generation of engineers, astronomers, mathematicians… today’s pupils are tomorrow’s trailblazers! But as an individual organisation, we can only reach so many. This teacher training session hosted by Explorer Dome shares the experiences of STEM teachers and educators, sharing best practices, resources and techniques, as well as hearing from experts in the field of science education research.

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Teacher course: Introduction to the OurSpaceOurFuture project

A teacher training session where the aims and objectives of the Our Space Our Project are introduced to teachers and educators. It is also an opportunity for teachers to learn about the recent growth within the space sector and the diversity of space-related careers that are available.