This video informs teachers about the Science Capital approach, and invites them to consider how they might use it to enhance teaching and learning. We encourage teachers to discuss together what could be applied for their students and for the school community – to boost confidence and aspiration in STEM and involve students’ community of adult influencers.

For a greater understanding of science capital we also recommend watching Science Capital – An Introduction. The teaching approach is also covered in The Science Capital Teaching Approach Animation and teachers’ experience is highlighted in The Science Capital Teaching Approach.

Jen DeWitt is the expert advisor for impact evaluation on the Our Space Our Future project. She works as a freelance research and evaluation consultant, and as a Senior Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Education, UK on ASPIRES and Enterprising Science projects – part of the core team developing the science capital concept. Her broader research/evaluation interests include learning and engagement in early years, families and school groups in informal science environments, including the implications of work on science capital in those settings.

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce teachers to the concept of Science Capital
  • Encourage teachers to incorporate this concept into lesson plans and realise how pupils access to science materials and resources differ.

Materials needed

Internet connection and a computer or smart device.



Extra information

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