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 Discover all the different jobs that the space sector has to offer, how you can reach your goals if you shoot for the stars!  Or listen to the story behind the people in our Searching Further interviews! And check out these other great resources.

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Archeoastronomy is the study of how people have understood, conceptualized and used phenomena in the sky and what role the sky played in their cultures, by analysing their material remains.

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Astrobiology is the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.

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Astrochemistry is the study of the composition and reactions of atoms, molecules and ions in space.

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Astrogeology is concerned with the geology of the solid bodies in the solar system, such as the asteroids and the planets and their moons.

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Astronomers attempt to understand the behaviour of matter, study conditions that exist only in space and cannot be found on Earth, and discover the particles involved in those processes.

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Astrophotography is an activity that consists in taking photographs of celestial bodies, such as stars, planets, comets, star clusters and galaxies, or events such as eclipses, transits, among others

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Earth Observation Scientist

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Materials Engineer

Materials engineers use their expertise to produce specifications for, design, process and apply materials effectively.

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Plasma Physicist

Plasma physicists study plasmas, which are considered a distinct state of matter and occur naturally in stars

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Science Historian

Study the history of space travel and research!

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Space Educator

What is the field about? A space educator is someone concerned with spreading knowledge about space to the general public.

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Space Engineer

Space engineers understand the principles of physics including aerodynamics, motion and propulsion, as well as fluid mechanics and other theoretical and practical topics.

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Space Psychologist

Psychology is concerned with understanding the mental processes that drive human nature, and how human beings relate with each other and their environment.

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Spacesuit Designer

Fashion is more of a business and art while space is more technical. How can these aspects be united into one concept? A career of an astronaut’s costume designer answers this question.

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Space Lawyer

Space law is the body of law governing space-related activities, encompassing both international and domestic agreements, rules, and principles.

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These are just a few of the careers that there are in the space sector- It takes a whole team of important people to make the space industry work! Jobs such as chefs, IT experts, and administrators to name just a few. All of which are equally important.

And in the future, as the industry grows they will be many, many more jobs that we just can not imagine yet! 


So whatever your passion is….there is Space for you!


Check out our space career gifs and colouring-in pages here.

Searching Further- Interviews with Students, Graduates, and Early Career Workers in the Space Sector

Searching further – Meet an Astrobiologist!

Video interviews to learn about different scientist`s lives and careers


Searching Further- Claudia Offner talks about taking part in Climate KIC’s summer school

Claudia Offner was studying phycology and business when she decided to take part in Climate KIC’s InnoSpace summer school. A 5-week course where participants work together to develop innovative solutions to the issues caused by climate change, using new technologies such as satellite imaging (GIS).


Click here to check out Claudia’s career profile.


Searching Further- What can we learn from sending mould to space?

This time Chris chats with space microbiologist, Marta Cortesão about why she sent mould into space (or right up to the edge of space at least), how mould spores might be tough enough to survive in the vacuum of space, and what aliens probably look like if they do exist.

Searching further –   Meet a Climate Scientist!

Sophie meets Hannah Bloomfield, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Reading. She works in the Climate and Meteorology field, and she shares insides from her life and how did her career unfold! It is such an interesting talk.


Click here to check out Hannah’s career profile.



Searching Further – Let’s meet IT specialist Philipp Meitnier!

Sophie interviews Philipp Meitnier. He will tell us about his career as an IT specialist who helps connect people on Earth with GPS satellites.



Searching Further – Let’s chat with Sam Shingles a recent Planetary Science graduate

This time we chat with Sam Shingles, a recent Planetary Science graduate. Sam tells us about his love of solving puzzles, his struggles with maths to begin with, and why he thinks science communication is so important.



Click here to check out Sam’s career profile.

Searching Further – Chris talks to Shaumica a first-year PhD student studying Photoelectrochemistry

A conversation with Shaumica Saravanabavan a first-year PhD student at the University of Warwick. Shaumica tells us how we can use solar energy to make oxygen and fuel, very useful for long stays in space, and gives advice to anyone who is interested in studying space science.


Click here to check out Shaumica’s career profile. 

Let’s meet Astrophysics’ student Ditlev Frickmann

What does a student of Astrophysics learn? Where can you work and specialise when you choose this career? Learn this and much more!

So you have a good idea, how do you make sure it stays yours? Let’s ask a Patent Attorney!

How do inventors protect their new ideas from being stolen? And how does research developed for space missions make their way back down to Earth?

This time we speak to patent attorney Natasha Perks, who tells us how patent attorneys help innovators, her journey so far, and reminds us all that everyone has the potential to come up with the next big idea!

Click here to check out Natasha’s career profile. 


Searching Further- Claudia Antolini- Science Communicator and Inclusion Advocate

In this  Searching Further interview, Chris speaks to Claudia Antolini about how her journey in Astrophysics and Science Communication took her around the world, and how her love of art and performance help her not just communicate science, but also as a human being and a human doing! We also talk about Claudia’s work with Tiger in STEMM, what being an ally can look like, and the importance of failure and perseverance.

Searching Further with Éle Donegan – Combining passions

In this interview, we talk with Éle Donegan, who after completing her A-Levels in Northern Ireland now juggles work as an intern with the University of Cardiff creating education resources for the Europlanet and Down2Earth projects with being the Irish female 100 and 200-metre butterfly champion and is hoping to represent Northern Ireland at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, as well as charity work.

Éle has a lot of passions in her life and shares how people who work in STEM fields can be much more than you might think. and her advice on how you can manage your time if you like her, have a lot going on too. It’s a busy time for Éle, as in addition to all of the above, this summer she will move to the USA to start a university program at Yale, studying Maths and Physics.

Click here to check out Éle’s career profile. 

More Useful Resources

Space Careers booklet- Space Awareness

This booklet provides information about several exciting space-related careers.


A website for those looking for space career resources, events and adverts for job vacancies in the space sector.

Most-asked questions about ESA careers – Everything you need to know.

Working at the ESA is one of the coolest jobs you can have in the world. But it’s not easy to secure a position there and there are lots of questions that you might have before considering to start the application process. For that reason, has done a lot of research for you which will hopefully give you the upper hand if you decide that you want to make the European Space Agency part of your future. 

UK Space Agency’s Careers in Space leaflet

A career in the space sector isn’t just about being an astronaut on the International Space Station. A role within this vibrant and growing industry will provide you with an enthralling career which will enable you to grow and develop your own skills and talents, intrigue your friends, and follow your dreams.

Space careers: A universe of options – U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS

Studying the effects of gravity on the human body. Building the next generation of telescopes. Explaining discoveries about the solar system in understandable terms. These are just a few examples of the projects that workers undertake in jobs related to space exploration.

Entry level and research programmes

ESA offers a wide range of opportunities for postgraduate students including both Master’s and PhD researchers. Discover how to take part in ESA’s missions and projects as a student or recent graduate.

Engineering Curiosity

Engineering Curiosity is a set of 52 ‘top-trump’ style cards, each themed on a real-life local engineer from the West of England region. Through the cards, children can explore the diversity of engineering, its people, skills and future career opportunities.

Women in Engineering top trumps