International Stakeholders Group

The OSOF project would not be here without the help and guidance of our International Stakeholders Group. 

We would like to thank them all here!

Samantha Borley
Samantha BorleyInstitute of Physics (IOP) - (Project Manager, Gender Balance)
Expertise: Inclusion
Alex Brown
Alex BrownESERO-UK
Expertise: STEM
Jeremy Curtis
Jeremy CurtisUK Space Agency
Expertise: UK Education & Skills

Bridget Holligan
Bridget HolliganScience Oxford
Clair McSweeney
Clair McSweeneyCIT Blackrock Castle Observatory
Expertise: Space Science Education/ Inclusion
Suzana Filipecki Martins
Suzana Filipecki MartinsSpaceEU (Horizon2020 project) and Leiden Observatory
Expertise: Space /Astronomy Engagement

Pedro Russo
Pedro RussoSpaceEU (Horizon2020 project) and Leiden Observatory
Expertise: Space /Astronomy Engagement

Monica Miguel Lago
Monica Miguel LagoEuropean Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)
Expertise: Industry

Christoph Schröder
Christoph Schröder University of Malaga
Expertise: Research/International Programmes

Amelia Ortiz Gil
Amelia Ortiz GilInternational Astronomical Union (IAU)
Expertise: Education, Astronomy, Inclusion

Simon Olling Rebsdorf
Simon Olling Rebsdorf House of Natural Science. ESERO Denmark
Expertise: Education

Kristian Pedersen
Kristian PedersenDTU Space (National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark)
Expertise: Space Education, Industry, Careers Education

Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska
Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-WiśniewskaUNEP/GRID
Expertise: Industry, Education

Sofoklis Sotiriou
Sofoklis SotiriouOpen Schools for Open Societies
Expertise: co-design and co-creation with schools and communities

Eleftheria Tsourlidaki
Eleftheria TsourlidakiEllinogermaniki Agogi
Expertise: Research and Development

Wendy Sadler
Wendy SadlerOur Space Our Future
Cardiff University

Becky Williams
Becky WilliamsOur Space Our Future
Cardiff University

Kevin Ramirez
Kevin RamirezOur Space Our Future
Climate KIC
Shaaron Leverment
Shaaron LevermentOur Space Our Future
Explorer Dome