One of the biggest ambitions of Our Space Our Future is sharing the endless possibilities that a career in the space sector can offer. To inspire the next generation of engineers, astronomers, mathematicians… today’s pupils are tomorrow’s trailblazers! But as an individual organisation, we can only reach so many. 


That is why the events we do with schools and teachers are so important to us. By working within these institutions and with educators we can help provide the scaffolding to reach out and support countless numbers of students, some of which might not have had many opportunities to engage with space topics within their usual school lessons. Through our teacher training initiatives, we want to provide science educators with the tools and the confidence to use space as an inspiring context to bring the science, technology, engineering and maths curriculum to life.


Inspired teachers inspire students!


However, we also know how busy teachers are, and how much pressure teachers are under, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is our goal to make sharing a passion for science and space as easy as possible for teachers. 


So on December 3rd, our partners from Explorer Dome are hosting a free event for STEM teachers and educators, an opportunity to share best practises, resources and techniques, as well as hear from experts in the field of science education research.

Setting Details

A video of an online session hosted by our partners from Explorer Dome, featuring contributions from experts in the field of science education research. 

Learning Objectives

This is an opportunity to learn about the current roadblocks that stand in the way of STEM participation, develop new methods and approaches to engage with your students, be introduced to a number of new resources and tools, and to network and learn from the experiences of other educators.

Materials needed

Internet connection and a computer or smart device.

Script/programme of activity

Featuring contributions from:

Jen Dewitt, UCL Research Fellow and researcher on the Science Capital Teaching Approach

Bridget Holligan, Director at Science Oxford and ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Science’.

Explorer Dome (Shaaron Leverment, Ben Brown, Josh Yates), European Lead partners for ‘Our Space Our Future’.


It is our hope that after this Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event, participating teachers and educators will be injected with a healthy dose of vigour, and will go out and use these tools and resources to join us in celebrating the launch of the new James Webb orbital telescope on 18 December 2021. This new technology will succeed the current Hubble telescope and allow for observers a new view of the universe, with potentially endless possibilities for the next generation to discover.


For more information about the James Webb telescope and for additional teaching resources, visit:


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