Setting Details

A video of an online session hosted by our partners from Explorer Dome, featuring contributions from experts in the field of science education research. 

Learning Objectives

–        The research from Aspires (Science Capital teaching approach) from a member of the research team
–        Opportunity to link with other science teachers to share approaches for more inclusive STEM education.
–        Thinking Doing talking Science (funded by Education Endowment Foundation)
–        Some demonstrations and free resources to celebrate the Webb Telescope (infra-red telescope launching this Autumn, very topical, UK science).

Materials needed

Internet connection and a computer or smart device.

Script/programme of activity

Featuring contributions from:

Jen Dewitt, UCL Research Fellow and researcher on the Science Capital Teaching Approach

Bridget Holligan, Director of Education and Engagement, Science Oxford

Explorer Dome (Shaaron Leverment, Ben Brown, Josh Yates), European Lead partners for ‘Our Space Our Future’.


It is our hope that after this Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event, participating teachers and educators will 


A collection of resources have been compiled to accompany this CPD session. Click here to view.

Additional teaching resources can be found here, compiled as part of the Our Space Our Future – Universally Different webinar on inclusive practice in STEM education


Click here to view the Universally Different – Our Space Our Future Webinar

Promoting inclusion in space and science learning through alternative approaches to teaching and engagement.

Extra information

Below is some feedback from teachers who took part in this discussion on the day:

“A superb CPD session. I’m all fired up! Thank you.”

“I have come away completely enthused and excited to get going in the classroom.”

“Thank you, as ever. Great stuff that I will share in my new setting.”


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