An introductory session that is conducted at Planetarium DK. In this training session, teachers will learn how they can better engage with their students when talking about science and during space activities. It is also an opportunity for teachers to experience what educational activities are conducted at the Planetarium, and how the teachers can best motivate and prepare their students for the educational activities before they arrive.

The teacher training will introduce the following:
• The Our Space Our Future project: Educational content, intervention plan, survey questionnaires, main goal and focus of the project.
• How to prepare the students for the planetarium experience.
• The growth of the space sector and the diversity of possible career paths within this sector.
• Overall narrative between interventions/educational activities.
• Didactic focus of intervention activities.
• Theme of interventions: Life in space, space missions, Mars, laws of physics, astrophysics.

Learning Objectives

Teachers get inspiration for their curriculum in science and technology as well as an introduction to the project and its educational activities.

Setting Details

This event is set at a planetarium, in this case, Planetarium in Copenhagen. The session will consist of workshops,  a planetarium show, and presentations.

Script/programme of activity

  • To start with, the teachers will be shown a presentation that describes the aims and objectives of the Our Space Our Future Project.
  • Following this, we will have a discussion with the teachers about the didactic methods used in the intervention activities/educational activities, and what their pupils will get out of these activities.
  • The teachers will then be taken to the dome and will watch the same Planetarium show that their pupils will experience. This is in order to better prepare the teachers for the activity. Following the show, there will be a short presentation on the learning potentials that using the planetarium dome offers.
  • Feedback, in plenum discussion, and input from teachers.
  • Introduction to the project’s evaluation survey (examples of questionnaires shown).


Teachers are involved as participants in this training course.

Key elements for inclusivenes

After having participated in the course, the teachers will be ambassadors of promoting space-related themes and spreading knowledge of the fact that space careers are for everyone and concerns everybody.

Extra information

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