The premise of this ‘Dragon’s Den’ style workshop is that your teacher has become a billionaire and is looking to invest in space satellite technology. Students must work together in teams to research, plan and deliver a persuasive sales pitch to your teacher, convincing them to invest in your satellite-based project, either one of the five ideas provided, or an idea of your own. Be as creative as you like.

Learning Objectives

  • To improve soft skills of communication, teamwork, problem-solving and creativity.
  • To acknowledge and understand the importance of space satellite technology, and the wide range of different applications it has on Earth, including within the fields of medicine, the environment and within social fields.

Setting Details

This activity is designed for a classroom with internet access and preferably two electronic devices (computer, iPad, phone etc) available to each team of students. It can be carried out within one 45 minute lesson or for a longer duration if appropriate.

Materials needed

Click on the links below to access the supporting documents, including the teacher and student sheets to be printed out and/or digitally available during the activity:

Teachers’ Notes

Student Sheet: Project 1 – Food, Land and People

Student Sheet: Project 2 – Fighting Cancer

Student Sheet: Project 3 – Saving Endangered Species

Student Sheet: Project 4 – Environmental Protection for Wales

Student Sheet: Project 5 – Emergency Assistance in Disasters

Script/programme of activity

  • 5 min – Teacher-led introduction including 3 minute video.
  • 5 min – Team, project and role assignments and begin research.
  • 10 min – Planning and developing project pitches.
  • 5 min – Practice pitch delivery.
  • 20 min – Watch and assess all team pitches.


The teacher will be acting as the ‘Billionaire Teacher’ looking to invest in the students’ projects based on their sales pitches.

They will need to decide on the criteria they intend to mark the teams on (e.g. teamwork, clarity, timeliness, interactivity, relevance, creativity, enthusiasm etc), and encourage the students to think as creatively as possible when planning their pitches and ensure they use the research links provided in the student project sheets.


Useful website links for project research are provided in the student sheets.


Video of the Students from Ysgol Clywedog asking for funding in their Billionaire Teacher activity.

Extra information

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