Our Space Our Future partners from Planetarium Copenhagen were very keen to show off their new renovations last month. The largest planetarium dome in Northern Europe got an equally big facelift, now sporting a crystal clear 8K screen and an impressive new sound system, that really makes for an experience that is out of this world! 

The official inauguration of Planetarium 2.0 and the new and improved dome happened on the 12th of October 2021. The evening was hosted by Danish influencers, Peter Falktoft and Esben Bjerre, and consisted of a program that demonstrated the new direction that the organisation is hoping to go in with the fresh developments, a mixture of spectacular and informative demonstrations and presentations as well as immersive planetary experiences.

The inauguration also included the debut of Planetarium’s new temporary exhibition, Explosions! An exhibition based on real-life research data about the Sun, shooting stars, asteroids, meteors, and supernovae interpreted into a light and sound installation, which offers a sensuous bombardment.

To see the new dome in all its glory check out this drone footage!