The covid panemic, and the resulting uptake of working from home, has seen many of us become a little more sedentary in our lifestyles, when work and life overlap so much, the morning commute doesn’t really mean very much these days. This, alongside the other daily stresses of living through a global health crisis, has resulted in an unsurprising rise in people reporting drops in their mental well-being. 

Although it is easier said than done, there are a number of small changes that a person can make to try and improve their mental health and outlook. One of these healthy habits is taking regular exercise. Therefore our friends over at Cardiff University have started a new initiative, encouraging their staff to get up and walk more this November. Never one to turn down a challenge, our team based at Cardiff University are taking it one step further (actually a fair few more steps further). Wendy Sadler, Rebecca Williams, Sophie Bartlett, Dan Reed and School of Physics & Astronomy Director of Teaching, Richard Lewis are planning on walking to the International Space Station and back (or the equivalent distance at least). That is 408 km both ways, or about 1,236,240 steps in total. No small feat. That is about 8,241.6 steps each per day!!

The team is currently on target, and from the 16th of November they were over halfway on 879,751 steps, so just another 356, 489 to go, easy right?

Let’s just hope their stamina lasts for the next 14 day

Good Luck! more updates to follow….