At the start of the Our Space Our Future project, we had some big plans! Loads of activities, visits, and events had been organised to help share the joys of the space with schools and communities who would normally find it difficult to participate or engage in space related topics. And although the global pandemic certainly did not help, we have been able to do some sessions in-person and we were able to rework a lot of the sessions so that they could be done under a totally online setting. 

However, we also want to make resources freely available for anyone to conduct their own Our Space Our Future activities.  That is why another key part of the Our Space project, was the development of an online database, filled with tried and tested resources and guides for teachers and community leaders to conduct their own space theme events, and to continue the work we have started, with all who are interested! 

So we are working with the best (and very patient) web developers to construct an online platform that is easy to use, to provide the inspiration and resources you need to conduct an event that is just right for you and your audience. We have completed the backend of the website, and are currently uploading events. Once we have ensured that the database is robust for all the different types of outreach events, we will start work on the front end, to make sure that your user experience is as good as it could possibly be!      

It has been a tough year, and we have hit some road blocks along the way, but we still want to assure you that if anyone is interested in sharing the joys of space science with others, that the Our Space Our Future toolkit will be ready soon to help  you reach the stars, or understand the Earth we all share a little more. 

Updates coming very soon!