Do you enjoy listening to some good music? We’ve prepared a space related playlist  in our Youtube channel and we think you will love it! There are amazing songs to discover, especially the ones you didn’t think were related to space. We were also surprised with some of them! What’s your favourite song from this list?

Talking about engaging dissemination content, Our Space Our Future created a set of free space careers related gifs and colouring comics. You can download the gifs and use them on your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and inspire your digital friends and followers about this topic.

Social media has great tools to disseminate and communicate about science nowadays. You can reach big audiences, with a low budget in just a few seconds. Using this type of tool will allow you to take a step forward inside the online world and leave a positive mark on younger generations.

The colouring comics were made in partnership with some designers and real scientists. Two of the comics even have the scientists’ faces: Astrobiologist Rosie Cane and Climate Scientist Hannah Bloomfield. You can use them in your classroom, events, paint it yourself, or even give them to someone! Christmas is coming!

We believe this is a great tool to inspire and educate students about space-related careers, since it is fun and will get their attention. Some schools already started to incorporate this activity inside the classroom!